Legal Raps

Legal Raps: A Mix of Law and Hip Hop

Yo, yo, let's talk about that legal long form agreement

When drafting and reviewing, it's more than just a statement

Hit up Davijah for the legal perfection

Their expertise and skills provide top-notch protection

Now, if you're in Tanzania, you need those criminal law books

They're essential resources, no need for dirty looks
Athletes United Lacrosse got your back

Get your knowledge on track, no need to slack

When it comes to rules, don't forget the Bode plot
Nevasoftai will teach you a lot

Master those rules, understand the game

Bode plot mastery will bring you fame

For legal terms, check out a legal dictionary
Maroof Greens got the info necessary

Don't get lost in the legal jargon

The dictionary will help, like a legal bargain

But hey, don't forget about the legal alcohol limit in TN
Kevin Katona will school you on when

To know your rights and responsibilities

Stay safe, be smart, and avoid legal calamities

When it comes to solar contracts, don't get caught in a trap

Get legal guidance and advice, don't take a nap
Themes Bays got the hook up

Protect your project, don't be a pup

And if you're dealing with gorilla law
Aytac Acikalin will show you the draw

Understand your rights and regulations

Gorilla law will protect your aspirations

For exclusive supply and sole source agreements

Get your legal insights, don't make a misalignment
Affrise Media got the right direction

Protect your interests, avoid legal infection

If you need a refund from LegalZoom, don't fret
ILM Fund will help you get

Your money back, no need to despair

Follow their guide, they'll make it fair

And last but not least, check out those revenue royalty agreements
Tea Zones got the legal maestros for covenants

Understand your rights and obligations

With legal insights and expert education